Monday, December 12, 2011

Got Clients?

I get asked questions all the time about gifting.  The number one question I get asked is "What is the value in showing clients appreciation?".  With all the recent economy changes that have taken place it is almost imperative to show your clients some kind of appreciation (read this Past Article that I wrote that has some more information).  And the holidays have been the number one time to show that appreciation.  Clients can be pretty savvy shoppers and will find another similar business for a much lower rate.  They may not get the same great service that your company offers, but they saved money.  Don't get me started on those "assembly line" gift basket companies, ugh!  Showing your clients appreciation will help to maintain your current clients, create new referrals, make a memorable impression, and help strengthen your business relationships.  Here is something to always keep in will cost your business more to get a new client than to keep an existing one.  And as business owners we want to save time and money too, right?  

Wicked Wicker's mission from the beginning has been to help our clients create a memorable impression for their families, friends, and clientele.  Read our about us page.  So whether you choose Wicked Wicker or another company, remember to show your clients that they are appreciated this holiday season and throughout the year!  

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