Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Summer is about to begin, which means this is a popular time of the year for weddings!  Every girl knows the basic customs - veil, white dress, and throwing the bouquet of flowers.  One of the old world customs that began thousands of years ago and continues to thrive today is the honeymoon.  And the tradition of jumping over a crossed sword and broomstick to symbolize cutting ties with the bride and grooms parents is not a very popular tradition today.  But the role of the mother-of-the-bride (M.O.B.) generally remains the same, running around tending to any issues that may arise on her daughters dream day.

Does anyone have any funny M.O.B. stories?


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    Crazy mother of the bride tale....my mom on my wedding day could not leave well enough alone fussing in the 90 degree heat and stuck my bouquet in the big freezer at church so it did not fall apart. Mom did not tell anyone where the bouquet was and two minutes to show time...I am there and look to dad saying where's the flowers. Daddy panicked and went for the florist...she did not know where it was. Luckily the caterer found them in the nick of time and my dad avoided strangling my mom.

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  6. LOL
    I don't have a funny story...Mine are pretty sad. They should do the broom thing more often and have the parents do it too...So they remember.LOL
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  10. I love all of the old traditions! I can't think of any funny stories - my mom was pretty chill (thank you Xanax)
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    Hmmm...I wish I had a funny story to share, but I don't. My wedding was relatively uneventful and my daughter isn't anywhere near an alter yet. I'm sure she'll have stories to tell about me some day though!

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  12. My mother was fairly flustered. She's not a social person and was very nervous about what to wear and everything.

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